Welcome to Restore Balance Life & Career Coaching

Gain more confidence ~ Manage stress ~ Beat the recessionary blues ~ Supported career decisions ~ Stay at home Parents: Gain better life balance ~ Make the most of your retirement!
Restore Balance offers both Life and Career Coaching packages, delivered on a one-to-one basis to those who are thinking about or undergoing some form of transition in their life. Coaching can offer huge benefit and support, as the process can both facilitate and enable clients to action positive change and achieve excellent results by increasing confidence levels and managing stress effectively. Here at Restore Balance we strive to enable clients to bring renewed focus, motivation, energy and ultimately success into their lives, while overcoming any procrastination levels which may exist.

Life has a way of slipping by, sometimes at a tremendous speed. There never seems to be quite enough time to sit down and ring that sports club you have thought about joining; to take up that instrument you would love to play; to update your CV and search for that fulfilling job; to plan that trip you dream of, the list goes on. Life Coaching aims to take stock of the reality of your life at present, to start putting action into tasks and goals, while simultaneously recognizing and working on those beliefs and fears that may be holding you back.


At Restore Balance we utilise the GoTo Career Coach techniques which have proven highly successful in supporting those undergoing transition in their career. The Career Coaching process takes into account the personality of the client and draws on previous career related experiences. This helps to ensure that the client has the knowledge, confidence and focus to pursue a career that will also support their lifestyle and workplace values. We also offer CV assessment consultations to ensure your CV can be optimised to stand out from the crowd.


The mere thought of change can sometimes bring with it a feeling of dread or fear. Feeling stagnant in certain areas of our lives however can lead to regrets. Taking those courageous steps towards change can keep us vibrant, focused and living a balanced life full of creative fulfilment and abundance. Whether you want to gain more confidence, manage your stress levels, beat the recessionary blues, get supported career decisions, rediscover your purpose after retirement or gain a better life balance as a stay at home parent, we are here to help.